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My radiotherapy was set to run for 3 consecutive weeks with time off for good behaviour at weekends.

I was told that I may experience soreness in the affected area and that, certainly, the radiotherapy would make me tired and that this would likely continue for months after treatment finished. Don't I always say cancer is the gift that keeps on giving? Please somebody just come up with a tablet that will cure cancer for everyone.

In the absense of a wonder cure David and i arrived at the Clatterbridge centre on the Wirral for the first of my radiotherapy treatments. We were shown to a waiting room with only one other person present. There was a television attached to the wall. Now this caused me a big problem. You see, today was the first day of the Cheltenham festival and, as i've worked in a bookies for the last 18 years, I'd never missed the traditional Cheltenham roar at the start of the first race and I wasn't about to start now. Unfortunately, though perhaps understandably, they were showing Loose Women. I asked the other lady if she minded if I switched channels which she didn't but looked a bit peeved when I switched to horse-racing. Ah well. And so, for the first time in 18 years I watched the first race at Cheltenham in a hospital waiting room pending being zapped by radio waves to kill off any stray cancer cells. And my horse lost so that was a bit shit too.

Now the actual radiotherapy was a doddle. I had to strip my top half, lie on a bed and be put into place my the nurses which involved quite a lot of adjusting and fidgeting to get it exactly right. The worst part of it was having to sit with my arm above my head which caused some discomfort.The machine would then whir into life and work its magic on my reconstructed boob. On average I was in the room no more than 5 minutes.

A week into treatment my skin was red, akin to sunburn, and so my mum bought me some "Moo Cream" from Australia that she'd read as being good for such matters and she was right. It was instantly soothing and kept my skin from drying out too much. I'm not on commission, honestly, but this stuff was great for me.

The frequency of the radiotherapy, and the sheer logistics of getting there, were far worse than the actual treatment but we did it and by the end of it I had one more chemotherapy session to go.

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20.12 | 20:45

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the kind words.
I did indeed work in North Cyprus back in the day - Turkbet?

18.12 | 11:06

Hi Donna, remarkable, uplifting and inspiring read.
Did you ever work in North Cyprus around 10 years ago?

15.10 | 17:15

Hi Donna, you are so inspiring. I have just had my 2nd mastectomy 8 days ago out of choice, first one was 5 months earlier as small cancer found.well done you

30.09 | 15:12

well done for finishing EPI!

I can't send a longer response on here but would like to share my experience of CMF at or the forum on macmillan.