Abscess All Areas

So the boys are dropped off at Nana's house and we enter the wonderful world of the NHS (I actually do think its wonderful in parts. Just not this part)

After a 2 hour wait on a Gestapo designed plastic chair I am just on the verge of passing out with the pain in my breast when the door to Narnia opens and we hear "Donna Foxcroft?"

"That's me" I say to David then immediately wonder why (we have been together for 3 years. He knows my name.) Despite my increasing pain, which is reaching fever point by now, I offer the nurse a wan smile because i'm a nice person and thats what nice people do. I think they call it the British stiff upper lip. The old keep calm and carry on spirit for which we are famed. I am asked to rate my pain. My head says 9, it's a 9, please God tell her it's a 9,

"About a 7" I lie. I can't look at David. I know he will be shooting me daggers (I think they may be landing in my left breast such is the pain). Damn the gung-ho British spirit. 

"You'll be put down the list now" he says "Why did you say 7?"

I can't answer. I'm in too much pain.

As luck would have it my soon to be sister in law is a stroke nurse at the same hospital and manages to amend my pain rating to reflect the fact that I "look like boiled shite" (thanks for that) and am sweating profusely.

So the doctor comes in and asks to examine the offending boob. He asks if i mind if he touches it. I do not. He touches it. Aaaaaaagh I mind. I really mind. It hurt. A lot.

He confirms that it is more than likely an abscess but protocol dictates that I am referred to the Linda McCartney centre which is attached to the hospital the following day.

I am given anti-biotics and informed that the LM Centre will call me with an appointment for tomorrow.

We collect our boys and head home....



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20.12 | 20:45

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the kind words.
I did indeed work in North Cyprus back in the day - Turkbet?

18.12 | 11:06

Hi Donna, remarkable, uplifting and inspiring read.
Did you ever work in North Cyprus around 10 years ago?

15.10 | 17:15

Hi Donna, you are so inspiring. I have just had my 2nd mastectomy 8 days ago out of choice, first one was 5 months earlier as small cancer found.well done you

30.09 | 15:12

well done for finishing EPI!

I can't send a longer response on here but would like to share my experience of CMF at dvfox76@aol.com or the forum on macmillan.